Basil Leaf Café - Chicago Italian restaurant, Eatery & Wine Bar. order online make reservation,view menus,take out,delivery,catering, private dining room, reviews and see coupons.Serving downtown and Lincoln Park, Italian food, Gluten Free Pasta

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How To Order
  1. To place an order, click on the Specials or the Order Now tab and click on the desired menu categories.
  2. On the menu page at each menu item click on the "Add to cart" link: the desired product will be added to your shopping cart.  You can increase or decrease the ordered quantity of each item by clicking on the (+) or (-). Each menu item has listed underneath several matching meal recommendations. Click on the Matching Recommendations link to reveal and browse through them.
  3. The number of ordered items will display in the parenthesis next to your shopping cart. You can review the content of your shopping cart at any time by hovering the cursor on top of the Shopping cart: a small window will open displaying its updated content as long as the cursor hovers on top of it. While reviewing your shopping cart in this window you can increase or decrease the ordered quantity of each item by clicking on the (+) or (-).
  4. if you are done shopping, you can click on the "Review and Checkout" button in your shopping cart which in turn will open the "Review shopping cart" web page.
  5. In the "Review shopping cart" page you can increase, decrease, or eliminate products from your shopping cart and you can customize your order according to your tastes (for example meat cooking level) and available side orders (for example white or dill rice). On this page are also itemized all the costs and discounts (if applicable) associated with your order, as well as a field where you can enter any available coupon or discount codes.
  6. Once you reviewed your order, click on the Checkout button that will take you to the Checkout web page. On the top of the Checkout page you will see the subtotal and the total of your order plus any applicable taxes. The total of your order will update automatically with the delivery charge determined by distance and the optional amount of gratuity you would add in the provided field. On this page you will be able to chose between delivery or pick-up by selecting the appropriate button. You will also be able to schedule your delivery (based upon the restaurant's delivery hours) and optionally enter a gratuity amount.
  7. Finally, in order to complete your purchase, in the Billing Details section of the page you are required to enter your name and your billing address as well as a random image verification code to make sure the order was placed manually and not automatically by an application.
  8. Click on the Submit Order button to complete the ordering process. If the order was successful, you will be redirected to a confirmation page and you will receive a confirmation e-mail detailing your order.(if any mandatory fields were left incomplete they will be highlighted and you will be required to complete them before you could place the order)

NOTE: Basil Leaf Café's checkout is SSL certified: any transmission of sensitive data is encrypted to prevent identity theft.